Hey, are you a consultant, freelancer or coach ..

Ready to move from offline and grow your business online?


You’re exhausted of TRADING hours for dollars and not able to earn more.

You KNOW you’re ready to GROW your business online, but feel completely STUCK.

You’ve got a business already but  haven’t got a clue how to TRANSITION from offline to grow your business online.


You know exactly how to show up online and be known as the expert in your industry.

You spend your day growing a business online you L-O-V-E.

You have complete control of the clients you work with. . After all, it’s YOUR business.

You get paid what you want and deserve based on your knowledge & expertise (no more trading hours for dollars).

You transition your business from offline and grow it online QUICKLY earning more by doing less.


In late 2010, I launched my own consulting practice when I was craving flexibility, creative freedom and building something of my own.  I grew it to a multiple six figure business very quickly and have worked with some incredible companies as a business consultant over the past 6 years.

What I built over the past 6 years

I’ve built a very successful consulting practice as a Business Consultant for some exciting & booming companies in Silicon Valley.

Current and past Corporate clients include:

  • Wheelz Inc (Equity funding $15.7M in ‘12; acquired by in ‘13)
  • Kespry Inc  (valued at $26M in ’16)
  • Fireclay Tile (grown to 90 + employees)
  • TapResearch (raised $1M in Series A)

My clients’ industries have ranged from professional services to software to manufacturing drones.

But regardless of industry, each client has the same set of goals: To grow in revenue, increase gross margin performance, and build the infrastructures to handle that growth.

That’s where I come in. I’ve helped businesses, from small start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations, to grow in revenue and margin, all while setting up processes to handle the growth and be in compliance. Having built a successful offline consulting practice I found myself ready to expand, scale and grow my business.  I knew I had to grow my business ONLINE and that’s exactly what I did.  I can help you do the same.

This Entrepreneurial journey can be mentally, physically and spiritually exhausting. It can be paralyzing to the point of not doing anything, and fear and doubt can set in.

Believe me, I’ve been there, done that. I could write a book… In fact, I still might.

Throughout my Entrepreneurial career, I’ve experienced, accomplished, and learned a tremendous amount. These lessons have come in many forms and from many sources. When I was finally ready to venture from offline to ONLINE, I decided that I would take every opportunity to teach, share, train, and coach others who need the information and experience that I have gathered along the way.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I know we can grow a business you love, while making an incredible living & helping a lot of people.”

refreshwaterpicGrowing a successful business online takes work, motivation, persistence, endurance and a hell of a lot of energy. But the process of preparing for your online growth can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as so many make it out to be. Especially if you have an experienced mentor & partner like me to give you support and guidance.

Grow the business of your dreams with the freedom and flexibility to make it what you want it to be…on YOUR terms!

With my help, you can transition from offline, to show up online like the expert you are, and gain the momentum and energy that’s essential, to keep you engaged and motivated to work hard and grow your business online QUICKLY.

For four months, as we journey together, I’ll be your personal business trainer, your partner, mentor and of course your coach!

Introducing: From Offline to Online

4 months to Biz Growth Online

A customized private coaching program to transition your offline business to successfully GROW your business online. You’ll learn the strategies to transition faster, and with a roadmap showing you what steps to take, and in what order to avoid wasting time and money.  You’ll start to attract dream clients, repackage your knowledge and expertise to earn more money by doing less, and finally stop trading hours for dollars.

You want individual and focused attention, from an expert who knows how to obtain great results.

With a successful online business growth strategy

  • You’ll show up show up online like the expert you are and start  growing your business online quickly
  • You’ll earn more money, by doing less with automation, strategies & processes, giving you back flexibility and freedom
  • You’ll  stop trading hours for dollars and have a larger earning potential with less stress
  • You’ll reach more people, have a larger impact and scale your business at a faster rate but without the demands of a consulting client

My 1:1 Business Coaching Program is Designed for the Ambitious Professional Females Who Are Ready to Grow Their Empire ONLINE!

This program is for YOU if:

You want a step-by-step road map to jumpstart the growth of your business ONLINE.

You’re ready to take your offline business and transition online with someone who can provide support, guidance, and feedback.

You want to make great money and NOT be limited by the number of billable hours. (finally stop trading hours for dollars)

You’re ready to reach a larger audience, scale your business and have a larger impact, while working less.

This program is NOT for you if:

You’re AFRAID to take a chance in the online world.

You’re NOT READY to show up and grow your business online.

You’re happy to continue trading time for money and LIMIT your earning potential.

You want to keep feeling STRESSED out, and working with clients who treat you more like an employee than a consultant.


Customized for each client, here are just some of the things that we cover in the course of our work together. The journey and destination will greatly depend on you and your commitment to the program.

Visiting your money story and getting it right

What’s your true relationship with money

Gaining clarity on your online business

Who are your Ideal Clients online

Where do your ideal clients hang out

Design your visibility strategy, even if you’re an introvert

Accelerate how to show up like the expert and establish credibility

Planning your transition from your offline business to online

Strategizing a game plan to achieve revenue goals and breaking it down

Planning out other income streams to maximizing earning potential

Mastering sales with ease/with out being ‘salesy’

Preparing for objections and learning how to convert the discovery call

Designing your perfect service offering

Defining future programs & products

Determining your prices, including how and when to raise your rates

Creating a high-converting premium website, alone or with a designer

Planning your branding strategy: what does it say about you & your Biz?

Finding your voice: Writing copy that sounds like you & speaks to your Clients

Making social media your BFF, increasing visibility and driving traffic to your website

Building a large supply of content & marketing material/brainstorming future content

Mastering sales with ease/with out being ‘salesy’

Designing templates for scripts/sounding natural when making the sale

Preparing for objections and learning how to convert the discovery call to a client

Sales funnels/capturing leads to have a full pipeline and waiting list

AUTOMATION – Establishing processes across your services for you to work less, make more, etc.

Creating systems for visibility, managing clients, and internal business matters

When it is the right time to outsource & what to outsource

This is just a starting point. Your program also includes the features listed below.


  • An extensive Discovery Questionnaire to map out a specific plan of action
  • One-on-one Individualized Custom Coaching to personalize and prioritize the program to your needs
  • One 90-minute initial intensive Consultation to jumpstart the process with actionable items
  • Twelve Weekly 45-60 minute results-oriented coaching sessions to keep you focused & accountable
  • Weekly Action Plans & Follow-ups, including step-by-step guidelines to provide guidance every step of the way
  • Emergency 15-minute calls and access to me outside of coaching hours for those moments when you may need extra support
  • Strategy, accountability, feedback, inspiration and support to provide validation, focus, and help keep you on track
  • Unlimited email access for the duration of the 4-month program to keep your momentum and progress moving forward
  • Recorded sessions for anytime access

Wendy Trotter
Owner, Principal Designer
Trotter Studios

“I have been incredibly lucky to have Veronica Sagastume on my team, and I would highly recommend her to join yours! As my acting CFO, Veronica has guided me through multiple critical milestones in the growth of my company: setting up financial documents, advising me through an S-Corp application, advising me on the best options for merchant services, and guiding me through the tricky process of making our first hire and setting up payroll. With her incredible breadth of knowledge, I am confident that she will be there with all the right advice and guidance for my upcoming corporate milestones, as well.

As a growing small business entity, I have run into a lot of ‘firsts.’ But they aren’t ‘firsts’ for Veronica. On every occasion, she has been at-the-ready by providing me with great options for conquering a situation, including outlining best practices.

Amie Hornaman
Nutrition and Functional Medicine

“Being part of Veronica’s group coaching program was an invaluable experience for me. What I liked best was the individual contact that we got with Veronica. Having the creator of the course be accessible to answer questions and give feedback was an invaluable piece and one that you would not normally see with most business coaches.”



Your Investment

4 months of one-on-one private business coaching

$8,500 paid-in-full or 4 payments of $2,500

Through my ‘secret sauce,’ I’ve perfected the recipe to ensure my clients’ success in a thriving business that includes working with your dream clients.

Some of the ingredients in my recipe are….

  • Defining YOUR Online Business / Build the business YOU want on YOUR terms

  • Identifying Your DREAM Client/ To find & speak directly to her

  • Discovering Your online SUPER Power/ Share it with your clients

  • Show Me The Money/ Pricing your services right and get paid your worth (stop trading hours for dollars)

  • Grow your business online QUICKLY / Start making money from the beginning

This is not magic. It’s a recipe I’ve developed and perfected through my years of experience. I’d love to share my recipe with you.


Aaron Platshon

“I would easily recommend Veronica with zero reservations. She was very effective as part of our TapResearch team and helped oversee all of our budget planning, forecasting, accounting, and HR matters. She is incredibly diligent and easy to work with, and she has an invaluable wealth of knowledge from her decades in the industry.”

Tisha Blackburn

Tisha Blackburn
Finance & Operations Consultant

“Veronica has high expectations of her clients but is also incredibly nurturing and encouraging.  So, when working on my ‘homework’, in addition to my day job, seemed overwhelming, her organized project plan helped me stay on track, and her “you can do it” attitude helped me keep trucking until I got it all done.”



Your Investment

4 months of one-on-one private business coaching

$8,500 paid-in-full or 4 payments of $2,500

Why choose to work with me?

You’re a professional and are ready to grow your business online.

You want to learn from someone who has done it and can help you accelerate the process quickly and efficiently.

You want a program that will be customized to fit your needs.

You want to start earning income right away. I can show you how.

Having successfully transitioned online after running my own successful multiple six figure income consulting practice offline,          I know how to jumpstart the transition of growing your business online.

I can help you start taking action towards building the future that you desire and deserve.

Are you ready to walk the walk, take the leap, and grow your business online?

Regina Reed

Regina Reed
Virtual Assistant 


“I really appreciate every minute we spend working together, and all the ways you support & assist me to get my empire up and running.  The progress is surreal and your recipe works. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise and for your patience.”

Kim Kelley

Kim Kelley, CPA
Independent Accounting Consultant


“What I like best about working with Veronica is how she trains…clear and direct but with a fun and upbeat attitude. She knows her stuff and can explain things in a simple manner which I believe is a true tell sign of someone who knows what they’re doing.” 

Can you see your future… I can.

  • You’ve successfully transitioned your business online.
  • You get to work with your dream clients.
  • You have complete control of how much money you make, who you work with and are no longer stressed out.
  • You are making more money than you ever thought possible online.

    Ready to start making your dream a reality? Let’s do this!


Your Investment

4months of one-on-one private business coaching

$8,500 if paid in full or 4 payments of $2,500